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Call for Concept Proposals - GEF Small Grants Programme
(Deadline: 28 February 2019)

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Malaysia is seeking qualified civil society organizations to put forward Concept Proposal. The purpose for Concept Proposal is to assist interested applicants to use their time and effort more effectively, and also to ensure that they are on the right track from the very beginning. GEF SGP Malaysia encourages all applicants to initially submit to us, a "Concept Proposal" of their proposed Full Project. Qualified applicants will be notified for further development of Full Project Proposal.

Eligibility Criterias

Eligible Organisation

  • Locally registered Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). GEF SGP Malaysia grants are available ONLY for not-for-profit NGOs/CBOs/CSOs, etc. Applicant who fail to provide a copy of certificate of registration will not be considered for full proposal development.
  • Local registered bank account of the organisation.
  • Organisation must have strong organizational capacity to implement SGP grant projects and meet SGP requirements.

Eligible Project Activities

All project proposals submitted to SGP Secretariat need to demonstrate: 

  • How the proposed project proposal meets the GEF SGP criteria by articulating how project objectives and activities would have an impact in the SGP areas of work -GEF focal areas. For more information on this please visit our areas of work section.
  • How the proposed project proposal responds or are aligned to the targets and objectives of the SGP Malaysia Country Programme Strategy (CPS). Please visit our website and download a copy of the CPS or contact the NC.
  • Demonstrate strong community involvement in the proposed project.
  • Focus on environmental issues and livelihood improvement.

Deadline: 28 February 2019 (Thursday).

ONLY qualified applicants will be notified for further development into Full Project Proposal.

The concept Proposal template and the Guidance Notes document can be downloaded from this website

To obtain more details on SGP and guidelines for application please contact:

Lee Shin Shin
National Coordinator
GEF Small Grants Programme - Malaysia
Tel:  +603 8689 6055
Lai Sook Mei
Programme Assistant
GEF Small Grants Programme - Malaysia
Tel: +603 8689 6056