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Development and Implementation of Landscape Strategic Plan

I. Background
The Small Grants Programme (SGP) provides grants to NGOs, CBOs and local communities for community level conservation, restoration and sustainable livelihood interventions. The seventh Operational Phase (OP7) of the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) in Malaysia aims to build upon the long-standing achievements of SGP in the country, specifically involving strengthening civil society organisations and improving socioeconomic conditions for local communities through implementation of participatory conservation, restoration, and climate change mitigation interventions. 

Starting in OP7, Malaysia has been included in the Upgraded Country Programme (UCP) of the SGP. With the aim of achieving impacts at scale and ensuring sustainability of results achieved, the programme level strategy of the UCP is based on a landscape approach, following the UNDP approach of community-driven planning and management of socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes. The following three selected landscapes cover expansive and complex rural and urban geographies:

  1. Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve in Sabah; 
  2. Middle and Upper Baram River Basin in Sarawak; and 
  3. Klang Valley in Peninsular Malaysia 

II. Project objective: 
To enable community organizations to take collective action for adaptive landscape management in building socio-ecological resilience in i) the Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve, Sabah; ii) the Middle and Upper Baram, Sarawak and iii) the Klang Valley, Peninsular Malaysia for global environmental benefits and sustainable development.

III. Scope of the Assignment and Indicative Activities
Competent organisations or consortium are encouraged to submit an application to carry out updated participatory baseline assessment and developing and implementing landscape strategies that outline priority issues and actions at selected landscapes. The proposals will be reviewed and approved by the SGP National Steering Committee (NSC). 

  1. Landscape Assessment and Develop Landscape Strategy
  2. Establishing Multi-stakeholder Landscape Governance Platform
  3. Capacity Building
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  5. Knowledge Management 
  6. Delivering advocacy for policy reform
  7. Upscale Projects

IV. Who may submit proposals: 
All the activities may be organized by appropriate, experienced consortium of national or subnational NGOs or by local experts. The proposal will clearly present the experience of the applicant and their partner organizations in the issues to be addressed.
V. Competencies of Team Members: 

  • Demonstrated capacity for strategic thinking, and expertise in landscape management.
  • Proven experiences in working with community-led initiatives.
  • Proven capacity to produce high quality qualitative research and ability to absorb, analyze and synthesize large amounts of complex information within tight deadlines.
  • Strong presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Exceptional writing skills of policy and communication materials for a variety of audiences, including the civil society and policymakers.
  • Excellent command of English with exceptional writing, presentation, communication and facilitation skills.

VI. Budget: 
The maximum amount per grant award will be limited to US$150.000, with applicants required to provide a detailed budgetary estimate. 

VII. Duration of services: 
36 months 

VII. Relevant Resources: 

  1. Call for Strategic Grant
    1. Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve in Sabah; 
    2. Middle and Upper Baram River Basin in Sarawak; and 
    3. Klang Valley in Peninsular Malaysia
  2. Strategic Grant Proposal Template & Guidance Notes
  3. Budget Template
  4. Guidance on Landscape Strategy
  5. GEF SGP OP7 Project Document

VIII. Deadline for proposal submission: 
Completed proposal should be received by the SGP National Coordinator no later than 12 November 2022 with subject: Proposal Strategic Grant for Middle and Upper Baram

ONLY qualified applicants will be notified.  

For proposal submission and more information, please contact:

Lee Shin Shin
National Coordinator
GEF Small Grants Programme - Malaysia
Tel:  +603 8689 6055